Coronoravirus Impact On NWT

The Norfolk Wherry Trust is, like all responsible organisations, following government advice about the Covid-19 virus. The safety and health of charter and day cruise passengers and the NWT volunteers and visitors is of paramount importance. Changes have had to be made to the operational schedule and the format of the AGM as set out below.

Posted 13th May 2020


In view of the social distancing guidelines, the format of the AGM on 13th June 2020 has been changed. This year, the meeting will be held in private. However all members have the opportunity to submit questions to the Trust that will be answered at the meeting. These questions need to be send to the Secretary by email in advance using this link – please type your question in the Message Box on the contact form.

Posted 18th March 2020


NWT has decided to delay the start of the Charter Season until 1st July 2020 and to cancel the Southern Rivers Cruise. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause to those who have booked charters or places on a day cruise but we hope people will understand the decision in the current fast-moving situation. Whilst it is hoped charterers and those booked on day cruises will wish to re-schedule, NWT understands that this may not be possible.

Charter – Existing Bookings

The organiser of every booked charter and day cruise party scheduled will be contacted individually by the Charter Secretary to discuss either re-scheduling or cancelling the booking. Rescheduled charters will be re-confirmed in June once the Trust has decided whether and when to start the season.

New Bookings

Bookings for after 1st July 2020 will still be scheduled. Please contact the Charter Secretary as usual.  The Trust will decide early June whether any additional changes to the schedule are required.   Rescheduled charters will be re-confirmed in June once the Trust has decided whether and when to start the Season.

Important Reminder

The current national and global situation is unprecedented.   Further changes and revision to the 2020 Charter Season for Albion may be necessary.   Please check back here to this webpage in the first instance before contacting the Charter Secretary.  The calendar will show (in a few days) all the events currently taking place.

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